April 30 2017

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CrossFit Cochrane – CrossFit


Thruster (Heavy set of 2 reps)

1st lift may be a squat clean thruster


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Team WOD

17 Min AMRAP

Run Buy— 400M as a Team

Add 1 rep increase per round:

1 Wallball

1 Ring Rows

1 Shoulder to Overhead

1 Burpee
Teams of 3-4

-The entire team must complete the round before moving onto the next round.

-Work can be split up work in any way. Athletes can maintain the same station per round or change to another station or split up reps or cycle reps with the group.

-Split the work up into any format.

-Only 1 person on one station at a time, multiple stations at once.

– No RX version, as some athletes may need to scale weight.

-Get the round done and move onto the next. Don’t lose track on what round you’re on. Set up a plan and have fun!


– 1 Barbell per team (2 if mixed male/female). 75/55lbs.

– WB 20/14lbs (10’/9′ target)

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