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At CrossFit Cochrane, our slogan is ‘Fitness, Community, Results’. We believe that combining these three elements is key to having long-term success in your fitness journey.

Fitness:  We keep the workouts fun, challenging, and always varied. In CrossFit, the routine is the enemy, and because we are constantly changing the stimulus of the workouts your body doesn’t get the chance to plateau. Not only is this great for physical results, but you won’t get bored! Our coaches will customize every workout to meet your current ability level, allowing you to push your fitness boundaries safely.

Community:  We love our community at CrossFit Cochrane. Our members enjoy working out and hanging out together, encouraging and inspiring each other to reach new goals in a supportive and fun environment. We welcome all ages, stages, and fitness levels.

Results:  This can mean something different for each person. Perhaps you’re looking to lose some weight, or you’re wanting to gain strength. Maybe you’re feeling bored with your current fitness regime, and are looking to mix things up. Perhaps you have a physical job or work in protective services and you need to be as fit as you possibly can be to do your job well. Whatever your individual motivation is, we believe that we can partner with you to get you the results you are looking for!






I have worked out at the gym consistently for years. I was bored and just couldn’t push myself, so I decided to try Crossfit Cochrane. I went to my first class worried since I’ve heard these workouts are so different than what I was used to. Not once did I feel like my inexperience was a burden to Coach Joe and the others working out. Everyone was encouraging and helpful. I’ve gone from dreading my workouts to absolutely loving them and when I see a workout that looks challenging instead of running from it, I sign up for that class. Although there are other boxes closer to me, I drive the extra miles for coach Joe and the community Crossfit Cochrane provides.
Brenda Renowden

My introduction and experience at CrossFit Cochrane have exceeded any expectation that I had. The workouts are always new and challenging, combine with great coaching and the encouragement from fellow members, I always leave wanting to come back for another class. Thank you to Joe for bringing CrossFit to Cochrane, I am happy to be a member and a part of the CrossFit community!

Coral Duquette
CrossFit Cochrane is great for any level of fitness, from beginner to advanced you can benefit from the workouts. Previously, I have always worked out alone so working out within a community is a huge shift; it really motivates you and pushes you outside of your comfort zone, and keeps you accountable. Plus it’s just fun to be with awesome people, it becomes a community more so than just a place to workout. The progress and gains I have made since November have been unparalleled with anything I have done in the past. You never peak, there is always something new and challenging in store!
Coral Duquette